Big Data


Today’s society is digital society and it generates huge volume of data. So it creates need of a platform that can manage both structured and unstructured data. Thus Big Data provides a way to data driven control. Moreover this technology even has the ability to change the world. Big data is being generated by everything continuously around us. Each digital process and social media generates it.

Big data in known for its 4v’s: volume, veracity, variety and velocity.


Lot of data is generated from various sources like digital media, business transaction, machine to machine data transfer, and storing such data would have been really difficult without effective management, but new technology such as Hadoop framework have eased the burden. It has made Data storage easier and affordable. Big data is more reliable and safer way to store any kind of data of data.


Data comes with unprecedented manner and it need to deal with an effective way. Big data makes it possible to make processor run in faster and more efficient way.


Big data comes in both structured and numeric format and also in unstructured format like text docs, emails, audio, video, financial transactions. With big data it is possible to connect and manage all forms of unstructured data.


Big data allows analyzing all form of data. It’s about the veracity of information. Volume and variety of data is with fast access is not enough. Data must maintain quality, generate credible result. Veracity is needed to produce this result.

Advantages that Big Data provides


Allows you to manage your work more efficiently and in smarter way, produces real time result and business optimizations.


Maintains quality of data store it safely. This thereby prevent from any financial loss through fraud.


It free you from irrelevant data. It filters out unnecessary data traffic, we filtering search result.

Decision making

It provides a new way for decision making .This helps organization to work smartly and efficiently. As it allows access of data from large numbers of resources even from outside of the organization, even the user generated data. Thereby helping you to make decision on bigger and large amount of data available. This allow you to analyze correctly thus optimizes the business operations.

New business opportunities

One of the main advantages of big data application is it provides great business opportunities. Companies can take advantages by providing ad-on services or can create new product segment that offer additional services to their customers by using data they collect. It also helps organization to boost sales, improve customers services, optimizes operational cost, reduce risk.

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